Is Stassi Schroeder coming back for season 3 of Vanderpump Rules?

Stassi Schroeder appears to be in the dog house with most of her Vanderpump Rules stars including her boss Lisa Vanderpump. NTM Stassi’s epic bitch-slap of co-star Kristen Doute during their argument about whether Kristen had slept with Jax Taylor. In fact on the Reunion show Stassi said she only talks to Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz. She also said that she is incredibly happy living in New York City with boyfriend Patrick Meagher.

So one would suspect Stassi may not be returning for season 3.

According to a show insider Stassi Schroeder will not star in season 3 of Vanderpump Rules, but will make a cameo and will get her own show likely with new boyfriend Patrick Meagher.

‘Stassi is supposedly getting her own show but will make an appearance in the next season specifically because of Scheana’s wedding in July.’

So the answer is no she is not, but you will get a small cameo.

Stassi appeared on Watch What Happens Live after the bitch slap, and Andy Cohen asked Stassi if viewers would have been more sympathetic to Stassi in the dispute if Stassi hadn’t slapped Kristen.

“Absolutely, yes,” Stassi claims. “I’m embarrassed, and I was so emotional, and I had all of this built-up rage that they had organized these texts and all these things to make me feel like I was

And when a viewer asked if Stassi would ever forgive Kristen for hooking up with Jax, Stassi says, “No, absolutely not.”

All of this would make a season 3 working with Kristen Doute a bit difficult.

Lisa Vanderpump is also angry with Stassi for going MIA on her. Stassi said she started giving her shifts away “2 months ago”, which would have been November. She also forgot to tell Lisa she was quitting before she moved to NYC and posted pics on Instagram!

Luckily Stassi looks poised to star in her own spin-off.

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