Is Kristen Doute mad at Ariana and Tom?

So on the Vanderpump Rules season 2 Reunion this Monday we will finally learned what was happening between Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute and Ariana Madix. We learned that Tom and Ariana are officially dating and Tom and Kristen are officially OVER–at least for right now.

We all know how Kristen likes to take to Twitter to express herself….lucky for us.

So we have a few tweets to read and assess her feelings about the situation.

She is obviously expressing her disbelief that Tom and Ariana JUST kissed saying….

‘stop with this “they just kissed” shit. laughable. I don’t condone what I did but at least I am honest.’

— kristen doute (@kristendoute) February 12, 2014

Then she tweeted this:

Kristen also revealed on the reunion that she was dating Tom’s friend James Kennedy. In regards to her new relationship with James she said:

‘let me be clear – James is not ‘Tom’s friend’. he was our friend and one of my best mates. Tom just wanted to point fingers. #move on’.

And finally this telling Valentine’s Day tweet:

So the current status of Tom and Kristen is broken up but the status changes by the minute. Stay tuned for more telling tweets from Kristen Doute.


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The second season reunion was filmed on January 10, 2014.

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