Is Juan Pablo Galavis really on The Bachelor to find love?

Season 18 of The Bachelor and it’s star Juan Pablo Galavis has become one of the most controversial Bachelors in Bachelor history.

His behavior has been a tad bit odd. It would almost appear that he is not really looking for a life partner and may have other motives—I know the idea of someone going on a reality show for fame, fun, or money is a stretch, but I am starting to think more and more that this guy may have ulterior motives.

An insider told OK! Magazine recently that Galavis is not on the show to find love–he is on the show for fame:

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Juan Pablo is on the show to strictly get famous and kick-start a television career. I think that was his intention when he appeared as a contestant on the The Bachelorette, and clearly his scheme is working since he’s now starring in The Bachelor.”

This in conjunction with the claim that Juan Pablo is still in love with ex-girlfriend Carla Rodriguez:

A source close to Juan Pablo and his ex Carla Rodriguez recently told Star said this about the baby mama drama:

“I just can’t picture him actually losing his heart to someone he only knows for a short while, especially with little Camila involved. He’s Never stopped loving Carla.”

Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

The two are still very close right now and Camila’s mom lives in Miami as well.

Juan Pablo Galavis recently gushed about his baby’s mama.

On Feb. 8, he shared a picture on Facebook of the three of them together along with this message about her.

“Even THOUGH we are NOT together I’m GLAD @carlarodriguez22 is Camila’s MOM.”

At this point I do not see him enamored with any of the ladies. So I suspect Juan Pablo MAY not be on The Bachelor to find love. I know, this is tough to even consider, but I’m afraid it may be true.

Here is a little background on Juan Pablo’s family….

Who is Juan Pablo Galavis ex-girlfriend Carla Rodriguez?

Who is Camila Galavis?

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