Is Juan Pablo Galavis still in love with his ex Carla Rodriguez?

So Reality Steve did tell us earlier this year that Juan Pablo Galavis was still in love with his ex-girlfriend and baby mama Carla Rodriguez. And it sounds like that may not be far from the truth. Days away from the finale where Juan Pablo will choose between Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley and we … Read more

Juan Pablo Galavis is broke and living with his baby’s mama Carla Rodriguez

Oh no Juan Pablo Galavis is really having a lot of situations lately. So I gotta say ABC really did NOT do their due diligence in vetting this guy. Apparently the Venezuelan hunk is not the uber catch of all catches according to his friends. A show insider told Life & Style magazine that he’s always trying … Read more

Has Nikki Ferrell already dumped Juan Pablo Galavis?

Monday, the 9-week journey to find love ends for Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and it’s pretty obvious at this point that Galavis chooses Nikki Ferrell over Clare Crawley. BUT, according to a source at Life & Style magazine Nikki is NOT happy with this new situation. This could be the fastest break-up in Bachelor history and I … Read more

Carla Rodriguez Bachelor 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter


Carla Rodriguez Bachelor 2014 Carla Rodriguez Bio Full Name: Carla Andreina Rodriguez Reyes We decided since Juan Pablo Galavis is so tight with is baby mama Carla Rodriguez that she needed her own amazing lady page because let’s be honest, it’s very possible that Carla will get the final rose. BTW 4-year-old daughter Camila also got an … Read more

Nikki Ferrell’s Hometown in Kansas City

Tonight 26-year-old model and pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell took Juan Pablo Galavis to her hometown of Kansas City. MO. Nikki wins the award for the least uncomfortable hometown. The date was by and large drama free. The two visited the Liberty Memorial, ate Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue. Juan Pablo made some of his usual happy noises. Nikki expressed some concerns … Read more

Clare Crawley’s Hometown is a bizarre situation

Well tonight we had Hometown dates and some major situations surfaced especially with 32-year-old Clare Crawley and her bizarre Hometown in Sacramento, California. The two meet in a park in Sacto and feed some geese where Clare talks again about her deceased father. Later Juan Pablo Galavis meets her mother and her sisters and he REALLY gets the … Read more

Is Juan Pablo Galavis really on The Bachelor to find love?

Season 18 of The Bachelor and it’s star Juan Pablo Galavis has become one of the most controversial Bachelors in Bachelor history. His behavior has been a tad bit odd. It would almost appear that he is not really looking for a life partner and may have other motives—I know the idea of someone going on … Read more

Who is Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’ family?

Featured photo: Facebook So of course we are scrambling to learn whatever we can about Bachelor Juan Pablo, the 32 year-old Venezuelan former pro soccer player; sports and music consultant; model; millionaire and we just uncovered some interesting information on his family–also gorgeous, also talented and successful. His dad is an architect and artist, Saul Galavis, who … Read more