Is Nikki Ferrell already pregnant?

WHOA!!!! We just found out that JP and Ashley are pregnant and now we learn that there may be another Bachelor Nation baby on the way! A shocking new report in the April 7 issue of Life & Style magazine claims that Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell are trying to get pregnant!!

Wow! Talk about a shotgun wedding! The two are not even engaged yet! His parents better get a bigger apartment.

Couples counselor Elizabeth Carroll said, “They’re totally on the same page,” …. “Both of them expressed they want more children, a big family.”

Remember how the two just met with WE TV’s ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ counseling duo, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll–as in perhaps a new reality show with JP and Nikki!

But Juan Pablo’s friends think that he is leading her on.

“Nikki is expecting their relationship to progress like any healthy relationship would,” a source claims. “But if Nikki got pregnant, Juan Pablo wouldn’t exactly be over the moon.”

Juan Pablo Galavis is already father to 5-year-old daughter, Camila.

We have already had a series of situations with ABC’s newest couple.

There was ‘SEXT-gate”:

Juan Pablo Galavis texting his genitals to Nikki Ferrell!

We had WTA serious situation to ‘dramatically’ change things:

What happened at the Women Tell All ep to change things ‘dramatically’ for Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell?

And we had the finale where Juan Pablo famously declared: ‘I like you, don’t be cranky’

Nikki Ferrell win’s: Juan Pablo says: ‘I like you, don’t be cranky’: No Neil Lane engagement ring!!!

Stay tuned for more on this epic and unprecedented Bachelor situation!

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Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell still together and vacationing in the Dominican Republic

Photo: ABC

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