Nikki Ferrell is engaged to boyfriend Tyler Vanloo


Oh my God! Seems like just yesterday that Bachelor winner Nikki Ferrell was trying to make her sad relationship with Bachelor Juan Pablo work on Couples Therapy. And it also seems like just yesterday that Nikki’s ex boyfriend Ryan McDill was asked to leave on the premiere of the Bachelorette after getting drunk and belligerent making several inappropriate comments. But … Read more

Andi Dorfman moving on with Sam Hunt?

Six months after Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, 27 announced her split from fiancé  Josh Murray, 30 she has moved on to a new suitor — country superstar Sam Hunt, 28. Us Weekly contends that multiple sources have confirmed that the two hooked up following Hunt’s performance at the 2015 Country Music Awards Festival in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, June 11. Apparently … Read more

Bachelorette 2015 premiere: Ryan McDill steals the show!


Tonight on the long awaited premiere of the Bachelorette we witnessed a slew of “situations”, but none as epic as the situation of Ryan McDill — and sadly for Nikki Ferrell, Ryan was her ex-boyfriend and he does not make her look like she knows how to pick men tonight. 27-year-old Ryan McDill from Blue … Read more

Juan Pablo Galavis trying to win Nikki Ferrell back?

For the love of God! I thought it was safe to report the official break-up Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell–in fact I had ignored multiple reports in the past of a break-up waiting for the real deal, but I may have been wrong! Looks like JP is already regretting his decision because he … Read more

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell still together?

Bachelor season 18 star Juan Pablo Galavis was recently spotted getting cozy with another woman besides his amazing lady Nikki Ferrell, Ang Cottone in Atlantic City, who claims that JP and Ferrell have split. According to TMZ, JP and Cottone were at Pool After Dark in Harrah’s for Jersey Shore star Pauly D’s DJ set and to celebrate a … Read more

Is Nikki Ferrell already pregnant?

WHOA!!!! We just found out that JP and Ashley are pregnant and now we learn that there may be another Bachelor Nation baby on the way! A shocking new report in the April 7 issue of Life & Style magazine claims that Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell are trying to get pregnant!! Wow! Talk about a shotgun wedding! The … Read more

Are Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell still together?

In the end, the single dad 32-year-old Juan Pablo Galavis chose 26-year-old model and pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell proclaiming, ‘I like you a lot.’ And Juan Pablo and his winner Nikki Ferrell must be thrilled that the show is over and they can take their relationship ‘off’-camera’ and on to Twitter where it belongs. It’s been … Read more

Is Juan Pablo Galavis a narcissist?

Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis showed us a side of him that we did not know existed this season. Although to be fair we only saw about 10 minutes of him during Desiree’s season. Juan Pablo prided himself on being ‘honest’ with the ladies. This ‘honesty’ often came off as brusque, rude, arrogant, disrespectful and dis-‘honest’, … Read more

Chris Harrison speaks about his frustration with Juan Pablo on GMA

Situation arbiter extraordinaire  Chris Harrison spoke to GMA this morning about the bizarre Bachelor 2014 last night. Chris Harrison elaborated on his frustration with Juan Pablo on Good Morning America: GMA:”You seemed almost frustrated on set.”  “Why were you so frustrated?” CBH: “Because I had been frustrated for a long time with him. I know … Read more

Nikki Ferrell win’s: Juan Pablo says: ‘I like you, don’t be cranky’: No Neil Lane engagement ring!!!

Tonight on the most uncomfortable finale in Bachelor history Juan Pablo Galavis dumps Clare Crawley, gets totally dissed by Clare Crawley, then disses her back saying “Im glad I didn’t pick her”, then abstains from proposing to Nikki Ferrell saying: “Honestly, I have a ring here in my pocket, and I’m not going to use … Read more