Who is Chris Soules ex-girlfriend Sheena Schreck?

So every season as soon as we learn the names of the contestants for the new season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette, number one mission is to look for the ex-girlfriends or boyfriends…ESPECIALLY the ex-girlfriends. I mean they are KEY, right?

Sheena Schreck
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So now we have a good idea of the contestants on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelor and we have a pretty good idea of who the BIG catches are in this group. And one of those guys is 32-year-old Chris Soules of Arlington, Iowa aka Hot Farmer. One, he is VERY rich, Two, he is super hot and Three, he has his $h!t together.

UPDATE 4/25/2017: CHRIS SOULES  arrested for leaving the scene of fatal car crash

So wherever there is a hot guy there is probably a hot ex-girlfriend lingering who may or may not be a ….. situation.

And Chris’ ex-girlfriend 31-year-old Sheena Schreck from Carroll, Iowa looks like she could be a situation. The girl is also a solid catch but luckily lives over a 1000 miles away in California.

In Sheena’s blog she says this about her ex:

“Here’s to my first GOLD SPONSOR…My one and only Christopher Soules! Thanks for being such a strong supporter! From icing my knee with frozen peas and telling me it will be okay to contributing financially to such a great cause! Your support means the world to me! Thanks so much for all you do!”


Chris Soules
Source: Sheena’s blog
This picture is of Chris Soules and ex-girlfriend Sheena Schreck in Galena, Illinois New Year’s Eve 2006

She graduated from Kuemper Catholic High School in 2000.

She lives in Laguna Beach, Calif., and started SUP Iowa – a board rental shop.


Sheena Shreck Chris Soules ex-girlfriend

According to this adorable website called SUP Iowa…Stand Up and Paddle Iowa (love that–I mean where are these people paddling???) Sheena is the Founder.

Sheena is a stand up paddling professional–funny hobby for a girl from Iowa. So it makes sense that she has spent a lot of time here in California paddling across the bays of Newport Beach, Dana Point Harbor, and San Francisco and actually moved here. Her favorite place to launch her paddle board is two blocks from her home in Laguna Beach, California at Fisherman’s Cove.

She is a Paddlefit Certified Instructor.

It looks like she was also a cheerleader in HS.

She is the middle of five siblings – two older brothers and two younger sisters & she is the oldest granddaughter of 43 first cousins

8 1/2 nieces and nephews (love the half)

Favorite travel experience to-date — Italy

loves wine.

UPDATE  Feb 12th, 2015: Rumors circulate that Chris is still in love with Sheena

More on Chris Soules season of The Bachelor 2015

Her Twitter account which is already on lockdown.

The Bachelorette Season 10 finale airs Monday, July 28, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

John Busing Source:
Andi Dorfman ex
John Busing

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2 thoughts on “Who is Chris Soules ex-girlfriend Sheena Schreck?”

  1. There are lakes and rivers in Iowa… It’s not odd to paddle board in Iowa. I don’t understand why so many people look down on Iowa.
    Also…, if Chris sponsored (or sponsors) his ex-girlfriend’s business, could Chris at least be a part owner of that business? Just wondering. Because Chris looks like someone who would easily be persuaded and just hopefully still gets credit for what he did for that girl.
    Lastly, why is that the founder of this Iowa paddle board business doesn’t even care to live in Iowa, instead, lives in California? That doesn’t make me feel good if I were a customer. I don’t know her, but I feel like, if she’s trying to sell this to people in Iowa and she doesn’t even live there, kind of like you’re just extracting money from the folks there. Her website sounds like she’s passionate about promoting this for Iowa but she doesn’t even live in Iowa. It’s almost like, you’re selling something that you don’t even believe in.

  2. I’m from Iowa and spent a lot of time in Okoboji. If you knew geography, you would know that there are lakes in Iowa. Okoboji is a very popular lake in the area and it’s beautiful, and peaceful. I’ve been to LA and that area of California. Believe me when I tell you Okoboji is much more enjoyable than LA. I hate LA, it’s crowded. The ocean is nice, but not when there is a freeway right next to it. The coastline there is ugly to me. Then again, what would I know, I’m just from Iowa. I mean, who wants to paddleboard on a lake in Iowa with amazing summers and warm waters? That’s weird.


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