Jax Taylor goes to Coachella and gets a NEW tattoo! 2014

Vanderpump Rules star  Jax Taylor is heading off to Coachella this weekend and he just announced that he is also getting a new tattoo! And we are dying to know if it is some special ladies name this time! The 34-year-old model and SUR bartender is famous for causing trouble and getting into trouble especially when he gets tattoos and when he goes away. It was only a few weeks ago that he seriously got in trouble in Miami with BFF Tom Sandoval.

Jax Taylor Coachella 2014

Jax is a bit of a sex addict and a bit of a sociopath, but somehow we love him anyway.

Looks like he is at Coachella with pal Matt Cutshall. Matt is the one who set Jax up with Carmen (according to our sources).

He just tweeted this:

Coachella bound!!!!!

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