Nick Viall Bachelorette 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Nick Viall Bachelorette 2014: Bio

Name: Nick Viall

Age: 33

Birthday: September 29th, 1980

Zodiac: Libra

Enneagram: 3 the Charmer

Hometown:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Waukesha, Wisconsin)

Lives in: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Account executive at

Education:  Graduated University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration

1999 graduate of Waukesha North High School

Height: 6′-2″

Shoe Size: 10.5

Tattoos: None

Family: His rather large family lives in Waukesha, WI (He even has a 9 year-old sister named Bella)

Nick’s family is Catholic.

Update: 7/13/2015: Kaitlyn Bristowe meets Nick’s family

Mom: Mary Viall, 55 : Home Decorator

Dad: Christopher Viall, 57 : Works for Ries Graphics Ltd

Sisters: Jessica Viall, 35, Sarah Viall, 28, Teressa Viall, Maria Therese, Teressa Viall, Olivia Viall, 14, Bella Viall

Brothers: Luke Viall, James Viall, Samuel Viall, Peter Viall

He has 10 siblings.

Sister Maria Therese is a holistic nutritionist.

His family is very Conservative. Looks like they are Republican. Most of his family members belong to a group . Well hopefully Nick will ask Andi about her political views!

Nick was engaged but broke it off.

Who has Nick Viall dated? He was engaged at one point and I am not sure if that is ex girlfriend Amber Allan, or someone else. After joining the Bachelor franchise he dated Andi Dorfman, Kat Hurd, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Amanda Stanton and Jen Saviano.



Nick Viall
Source: Reality Steve


Nick Viall and his parents

Andi Dorfman refused to meet with Nick Viall at Men Tell All

Nick Viall spotted with Bachelorette producers

Update: 6/23/2015: Kaitlyn Bristowe gets caught on hot mic having sex with Nick Viall

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  1. Has nick vialli has surgery on his lip? I have noticed several times during the shows that he sounds like he is talking through his nose. I have talked to people before that were born hareliped and had corrective surgery that talks through their noses like he does.


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