Marcus Grodd Bachelorette 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Marcus Grodd Bachelorette 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

UPDATED 12/25/2015

Name: Marcus Grodd

Full name: Marcus Erich Grodd

Wife: Lacy Faddoul

Age: 27

Hometown: Dallas, TX/ Medicine Hat, Alberta

bachelorettemarcusgrodd (2)Ethnic background: Grodd was born in Canada and is half German and half Polish. More on his ethnicity and where he has lived.

Birthday: Born July 2, 1988 in Medicine Hat, Canada

Occupation: Associate Partner at Keller Williams Commercial Division. Sports Medicine Manager. Works at American Cryotherapy in Plano, Tx with his brother-in-law

Education: Highland Park High School

Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Shoe Size:
Three Favorite Musical Artists:
Third Eye Blind, Coldplay, Enrique Iglesias
Three All-Time Favorite Movies:
Robin Hood (1991), Good Will Hunting, Fight Club

Family: Klaus and Halina Grodd

Mom: Polish mother Halina Grodd, now 60.

Dad: German father Klaus Erich Grodd, now 70.

He has an older brother and sister, Conrad, 37 and Cathy, 35.

Conrad Grodd
Source: Facebook

His family moved to America when Marcus was 2-years-old but he played soccer overseas in Europe for 5 years when he was living in Amsterdam and Denmark as a kid. Then he moved to Dallas and played for the Dallas Texans.

Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul engaged and moving in together!

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Marcus Grodd
Source: Instagram

Some ABC questions:

“Would you describe yourself more as “the party-starter,” “the wingman,” or “the laid-back one”?

More of the laid-back one. I know how to have a good time but I’m not usually the party starter.

Do you consider yourself a romantic, and why?
I do. I just put thought into dates and presents for women I’m dating. Romance is not that common anymore and it’s something guys have forgotten about.”

Here is the ABC official list of contestants for The Bachelorette 2014

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  1. Here is my comment I never watch the bachelorette but this time I did because I thought Andi had a good head on her shoulders after watching her and Juan Paublo but I don’t know after tonight Marcus is gorgeous he has everything going for him ! Smart handsome as ever romantic but u know u can’t tell the heart how to feel ! When he came out of the limo 2 myths ago or whatever I said he’s the one I was wrong ! You know might not be right for her but he needs to be the next bachelor and then I’ll watch it again ! Listen Marcus if u read this the only approval I. Life u need is The Lord Jesus Christ read the bible and u will find ur princess


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