Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman are BACK together

Looks like we were right. About two weeks ago I said that it looked like Jax Taylor and ex-girlfriend Carmen Dickman were back together–shortest relationship followed by the shortest break-up.

I usually won’t post something based on one Tweet but I had a strong gut instinct that something was brewing for a number of reasons.

And a slew of new Tweets confirms the hypothesis that these two are back–at least on paper–I mean they do have a season 3 to promote after all!

So 2 weeks ago I happened to notice a Ms. Carmen Dickman posted an intriguing tweet–just 2 words…

“Date night”. This accompanied by the fact that her and Jax began following each other again on Twitter suggested to me that they were rekindling their 2 month romance.

It looks like the two spent the weekend in Las Vegas. Jax was there with the Vanderpump Rules cast to promote season 3 and an insider tells us that Carmen is slated to be a cast member.

But the Las Vegas locale in very interesting — especially since that is where his ex-girlfriend (and when I say ex, I mean they broke up a few days earlier, Tiffany Matthews lives–and to make things better, she works at the Hyde Bellagio) which is where Jax and BFF Tom Sandoval were hosting a party.

Plus Jax posted this:

In case you don’t know CHIVE is the modelling website where Carmen emerged from…

New fav website is the @theCHIVE @ChiveNation great stuff keep me laughing !!!

This tweet shows that he is meeting with his PumpRules castmates.

Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman in Las Vegas April 2014

He also posted this about “Morning Sex”…no doubt Jax is back to getting laid regularly.

Carmen posted: “Dinner date @mrjaxtaylor #vegas”

I have said before that this relationship may be a little less than authentic. So I would take this love story with a grain of salt. It may be real. It may be PR. It may be both. Keep an eye on this situation.

Here are some more details on that situation…enjoy….


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