Andi Dorfman personality breakdown: The Enneagram 1

Andi Dorfman stole the show on Juan Pablo Galavis season of The Bachelorette by putting Venezuelan charmer/opportunist/status-seeker/narcissist Juan Pablo Galavis, and enneagram 3 in his place after he told Andi all about how hot fellow contestant Clare Crawley looked in her bikini and how hot their sexy time in the FS was. He also told Andi that she “barely” made it to the Fantasy Suite date!! NOT “OKAY”!!!

She laid down a very professional and persuasive case on the show–grilling Juan about why he was so shallow and inappropriate with her in the fantasy suite.

This was not “OKAY” with Andi and if you know her enneagram number it makes sense why she was so rattled by this behavior.

English: The pearl Neck;ace
English: The pearl Neck;ace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She is a One, The Perfectionist, The Reformer, The Crusader. According to my personal favorite source on the subject, Understanding the Enneagram: The Practical Guide to Personality Types (revised edition) by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson the One is described as follows:

“At their Best: wise, discerning, realistic, noble and morally heroic.

  • Basic Fear: Of being corrupt/evil, defective
  • Basic Desire: To be good, to have integrity, to be balanced
  • Enneagram One with a Nine-Wing: “The Idealist”
  • Enneagram One with a Two-Wing: “The Advocate”

Key Motivations: Want to be right, to strive higher and improve everything, to be consistent with their ideals, to justify themselves, to be beyond criticism so as not to be condemned by anyone.”

Source: ABC

More than any other number, the One is concerned with the difference between “right” and “wrong”. Thus, it makes sense why Andi felt compelled to confront Juan Pablo in person on his inappropriate behavior.

The One, or as I sometimes like to call them, the Uno is extremely ethical, almost to a fault. They are crusaders for justice which also explains why Andi is a criminal attorney. They want to right the wrongs of the world and most of all they want to right the wrongs in themselves.

Remember how upset Andi was about having to appear naked in the Peta ad with Juan Pablo? Ones are also very conservative. In fact I think Andi was the only contestant to don a one piece bathing suit in Bachelor history!

Andi-with-Juan-after-fantasy-suite (2)
Source: ABC

They are very OCD and perseverate like crazy on decisions. I mean I guarantee she is taking her role as The Bachelorette S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y!

I am sure she probably has flow charts and venn diagrams of all her men. She probably also has cheat sheets and lists of pros and cons, probably knows ALL their names and names of friends and family. She probably has a therapist or life coach on the show (they love having someone to hold them accountable).

She is also probably second guessing herself — the Uno will second guess themselves at nauseam. Each rose ceremony will be tough for her because no one feels guilt like a One. They are always afraid that they may not have given someone a “fair” chance.

Andi4I’m sure she is super thorough and extraordinarily professional with each guy, but also won’t put up with anything inappropos. She won’t think twice about booting a guy pre-rose ceremony if he misbehaves or is there for the wrong reasons.

They are natural teachers. I’m sure Andi felt compelled to confront Juan Pablo in the hopes of “teaching” him his mistakes, plus it was “the right thing to do”.

Enneagram breakdown of Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray relationship. Will it work?

Ones are also often appalled at name-dropping and status-seeking. That is not what “good” people do. If they aren’t careful they can be very judgmental– overly judgmental and if they aren’t careful they can not be judgmental enough when they need to be.

In short being a One is torture. They are always beating themselves up, even more so than they are beating up others.

andi_dorfman_high_schoolBut when they are healthy they are wonderful–think of a healthy judge–they deliver a verdict in every situation with such precision and attention to detail, integrity and above all fairness, without emotion. In fact, they are INCREDIBLY fair when healthy.

They also learn to relax and get the party started. Because of their astute attention to detail they often have amazing personalities and a great sense of humor–especially about themselves.

They can really hold court at a party– pros at sarcasm and identifying the ridiculousness in everything–really if you have a stuffy One on your hands just get them drunk and watch what happens.

But they are also constantly in the confessional. Unos will always be confessing to things that are really small or things they didn’t even do! Remember Kacie B. and the 2nd date anorexia overshare?

In case you forgot about it, we have a detailed account here. Situation: ‘Bachelor’s’ Kacie Boguskie’s one-year bout of anorexia and bulimia–it was precious!

Their deepest fear is that they are “bad” or “corrupt”. The One often engages in the overshare which stems from a need to purge themselves of guilt.

They can also be INCREDIBLY stubborn. Once their mind is set it’s very hard to persuade them to change it.

Things that are One: pearl necklaces, pinky’s out tea-cup parties, feather pens, turtlenecks, sweater capes, tennis, piano, violin, miniatures, performance reviews, self-improvement books, flow charts, anything that will hold them accountable, Christies auction house, horse oil paintings, doilies, Charles Dickens, Murder She Wrote, Donton Abbey, anything “pip, pip”…you get the picture.

Andi Dorfman Family Source: Twitter
Andi Dorfman Family
Source: Twitter

In short Andi will be a great Bachelorette. She will take this job more serious than any other contestant (which I’m sure will be a welcome change after Juan Pablo). She will be more analytical and open than any other Bachelor. Get ready for the overshares! Andi will take this situation to a whole new level.

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  1. Hmm… I actually think she’s an 8. She likes to be in control (in her dates with Juan Pablo she stated this outright) and she seems to respect strength in her partner. She’s direct and blunt and asks the tough questions, and seems to respect people who are upfront and honest with her in return. She tests people (her prank with Cody saying that she heard he had a girlfriend) to see how they handle themselves, if they fold under pressure or remain strong. She’s a defense attorney which lends itself to the pursuit of justice and fairness that 8s tend toward. I don’t see the uptight, holding yourself in, or critical, judging nature that we often see in 1s. We will see next episode, however, when The Situation calls for her angry side!


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