Nick Viall addresses his sex claims about Andi Dorfman

One of the biggest shoes to drop last night on After the Final Rose after The Bachelorette finale was Nick Viall’s claim that Bachelorette Andi Dorfman ‘made love’ to him.

He claimed they did “fiance things” in the Fantasy Suite, which has me wondering if there are special positions for “fiance” sex v. regular sex?

(BTW it’s not the first time a runner-up has been outraged that the lead had sex with them in the Fantasy Suite right before dumping them. See every season of The Bachelor/ette!)

A lot of people are bashing Andi today for leading Nick on by sleeping with him but I don’t really think that’s fair. I mean this show is RIDICULOUS! And everyone who signs on to it knows the lead will more than likely have sex with the 1st and 2nd runner up right before dumping them.

That would NEVER fly in the real world but neither would dating 25 different men simultaneously!

Anyhow, Nick Viall was understandably crushed especially after Andi appeared very cold to him last night. He took a jab at her, but I believe him–that it was a reflex and not intentional or planned. So today he is doing some damage control.

Nick told E! reporters Tuesday:

‘It wasn’t so much about the sex but the level of intimacy that night,’ ….. ‘Given the situation at the time I made it very clear where I was in my feelings for her and what something like that meant to me. I was just so caught off guard that it sort of just came out.

“I definitely wish I had that opportunity to have that conversation with her in private,’ he said. ‘I did not go into last night expecting to ask her that. I was just so caught off guard by her demeanor.‘If I had any regrets, I didn’t want to humiliate her or make her feel that way. “

Viall claims that he finally got some of the closure he needed last night.

I think last night was a lot of closure for me, just seeing her demeanor with me, I don’t know where it came from,’ he said. ‘I think for me it was a lot of closure. It doesn’t eliminate any heartbreak, but it was good for me. I would say I have accepted her decision and am willing to move forward. She will always have a place in my heart and she is a special person and what I had was special to me. I’m excited for things to come.”

And you should be excited Nick! Don’t you know second place is really first place? You are gonna get so much action after this you will not even remember why you liked Andi so much!

Here is the infamous break-up video. It’s hard to watch….

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