Andi Dorfman refused to meet with Nick Viall at Men Tell All

Now that The Bachelorette has finished taping so many good nuggets are coming out about what occurred behind the scenes. It sounds like Nick Viall was really bummed about the break-up and contacted producers a month and a half ago to try and arrange a meeting. He even showed up to the taping of the Men Tell All.

Nick has certainly been persistent. Chris Harrison explains in his EW blog Andi’s reaction when she learned that Nick had shown up to the show to talk to her.

“When I told Andi that Nick was in the building at the Men Tell All special she wasn’t too pleased. She wasn’t ready to face him and definitely didn’t want to be surprised by a visit. I fully understand her position. She made her decision and she did the best to make it very clear to him in the Dominican why she was making that decision.”

The thing with the Enneagram 1 is that once they make their decision, they are done. There is no looking back and they get angry if someone is trying to make them look back. Not to mention once the process was over she was fully committed to Josh. He was her boyfriend and now fiance. There was no one else. So I am not surprised at all that Andi did not accept Nick’s request for a meeting.

“She knew she would be sitting down with him a week later on After the Final Rose, so she decided that would be the appropriate time and place to do so. I have no idea what was in the letter that Nick gave Andi. All I know is from what he told me it was his feelings on her and the breakup. I know Andi read the letter that day he gave it to her. So now we flash-forward to last night’s live show.”

Once Nick realized he was not going to get what he wanted he took one last dig at Andi….asking why she slept with him in the Fantasy Suite. The dig did not go over well with Andi or Josh.

Have you seen the famous video of Nick bashing Josh on his plan ride home?

Andi Dorfman IS engaged to Josh Murray!!!

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