Gina Liano RHOM 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter, Age, Sign, Ethnicity

Gina Liano RHOM 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Name: Gina Liano

Age: 47

Bravo show: The Real Housewives of Melbourne (first aired on Arena TV)

Hometown: South Yarra

Occupation: Criminal barrister aka Attorney

Enneagram Number: 8, The Challenger

Ethnicity: Italian

Parents: Nick and Anita

Birthday: May 18th

Star Sign: Taurus
Location: South Yarra
Relationship Status: Divorced

Ex-boyfriend: Dean Giannarelli
Children: Two boys

Twitter: Gina_Liano

Gina Liano is one tough cookie. According to her Arena RHOM website, aside from being an Australian fashionista she is a Barrister, a single mom, and a cancer survivor. Liano comes from a line of fashion royalty; Bettina Liano and Teresa (TL Wood) are her sisters (Tina is the oldest). And Ben is her brother. She is the daughter of Italian immigrants and grew up sharing a bedroom with her two sisters.

She is also a property developer and a qualified art gallery curator.

Gina Liano Source: Twitter
Gina Liano
Source: Twitter
Gina Liano Source: Twitter
Gina Liano
Source: Twitter


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