Meet RHOM star Gina Liano!

Gina Liano of South Yarra is one of the stars of Bravo’s newest installment of The Real Housewives— International version. This time the Bravo production crew heads down under to Melbourne Australia to document the lives of Australia’s rich and famous high society ladies.

Gina Liano is a very successful Barrister, but it wasn’t always easy for her. The Australian fashionista is the daughter of Italian immigrants Nick and Anita Liano. Her parents rode the post-World War II migration wave from Italy to Australia when the kids were young according to an interview with oldest sister and fashion designer Tina in The Australian.
The three girls all shared a bedroom in bayside Brighton — perhaps this is where Gina learned to assert herself and learned her stellar negotiating skills.
“We had our moments and there was a fair share of hair-pulling,” Liano’s sister Tina remembers.

When is the Real Housewives of Melbourne on? Sundays 12/11c Bravo

Even though the family didn’t have a lot of money they definitely were close. Tina continues about their childhood:

“We had, like, 16 cousins and every weekend the families would get together to make wine, salami and tomato sauces. Or we’d go to the country and buy fresh ricotta practically straight out of the cow or we’d go cherry picking. It was all about food.”

The four kids were born within four years of each other:

“The house was on a huge block with lots of fruit trees – plums, apricots, olives – and my father always had a vegetable garden and they used to play bocce, Italian bowls, on the lawns. There was space to run around, which was what we loved.”

“Then in summer, we’d have beach days under the tea trees down at Rosebud (on Port Phillip Bay). All the Italian families would come down and it was a real social event. A man would come around in a truck loaded with watermelons and I still remember Dad cutting up masses of it and all us kids running round like little monkeys eating it. They were beautiful times.”

Then 47-year-old Barrister, property developer and a qualified art gallery curator is currently raising 2 boys on her own. She is also a a cancer survivor.

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