Marquel Martin and Jackie Parr, sparks fly

Marquel Martin, the 26-year-old UFC sales coordinator from Las Vegas, Nevada may have been rejected by Bachelorette Andi Dorfman but he was certainly not rejected by the ladies on Bachelor in Paradise. In fact I would say Marquel scored the most “first impression” roses on the show. Michelle Money asked out Marquel right after she landed. Then Daniel Ronco arrived with one guy in her line of vision–Marquel. And she made her “crush” very clear to Marquel, right before he was nearly struck by lightening BTW.

Jackie Parr, The Bachelor, Sean Lowe
Jackie Parr Bachelor in Paradise
Source: ABC

But then 27-year-old vixen/newcomer Jackie Parr, Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist from Boynton Beach, FL and Sean’s Bachelor season arrived on the scene with her “smoking hot body,” and date card in hand dressed in a sexy short beach cover-up and Marquel was immediately taken with her. In fact Jackie made a bee line straight for Marquel as soon as she arrived.

The two enjoyed a date in Campeche visiting the Edzna Ruins. Marquel let Jackie know that he NEVER kisses on the first date (Marquel is an enneagram 6, all safety and security), but he decides to make an exception for Jackie which he did not do with any of his other suitors so I suspect this bodes well for her.

He then choose Jackie over Michelle or Danielle at the rose ceremony and hearts are seriously broken and I hope Daniel packed light because she was only there for like 5 minutes!

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