‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap episode 3

So Bachelor in Paradise is quite an amazing summer situation! Just when you thought the crazy people had left…..

Tonight Elise is still mourning the loss of the love of her life Dylan Petitt who she scared away by kissing Chris Bukowski. But don’t worry she rebounds quite nicely! In fact I’d say we may have another case of Borderline Personality Disorder here. BPDs can turn it on and off at record speeds.

Elise proclaims: “I want Chris to be my rainbow.”

Chris proclaims: “I’d like to enjoy her behind closed doors”.

It’s a win win.

Danielle Ronco, who I do not even remember from Juan Pablo’s season, arrives and makes a bee line for Marquel. In fact, she like Ashlee has already called dibs and is not there to meet anyone else. But she does not realize that Michelle Money has already called dibs on Marquel even though he subtly accused her of being an alcoholic. So Michelle encourages Danielle to help herself to any of the guys in the Tiki Hut! (Hahaha! Talk about a Mexican meat market!) “I made it very clear that I think she should give it to anyone she wants,” …… “Just do not give it to Marquel.” That is so generous Michelle!

So Danielle chooses Marquel for their date.

Luckily Michelle, like Elise has a back-up plan and transfers her crush to Robert.

AshLee is freaking out that she has not had an official date with her man Graham yet. “AshLee’s being really selfish in regards to dates,” Lacy proclaims. “I don’t understand why she can’t just sit back and enjoy her time in the house with Graham.”

Marquel Martin enjoys a wonderful date with Danielle in Hacienda Uayamon and really these two are a great looking couple. The two are nearly struck by lightening–I am guessing thanks to the camera crew hold long metal lightening rod boom mics. So they quickly react and run away.

Chris B. seriously hurts his knee but goes on his 1 on 1 with 27-year-old first-grade teacher Elise Mosca anyway.

The two fly to Campeche for an overnight where Chris cringes in pain, but Elise promises him he will get laid so he perseveres through the pain. They start to get intimate in the Jacuzzi where Elise wears a bright green sequin bikini. Then they had back to their rooms. Although I suspect the two decided to “forgo their individual rooms and stay together as a couple”.

27-year-old Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist from Boynton Beach, FL Jackie Parr, arrives and steals Marquel away for a date visiting the Tulum ruins. Marquel tells her that he doesn’t kiss on the first date but makes an exception for Jackie–aka he is really IN to her.

Michelle and Clare head off to ambush, I mean meet Robert and Zach for a “surprise” double date. Sarah is bummed because she really likes Robert. Michelle is busy working on her Plan B, Robert, proclaiming, “Did you know I’m actually really into you?”

But Robert actually seems pretty aloof with Michelle.

Clare gets a secret message from a Mexican turtle as it lays eggs in front of her and her date–a sure sign of things to come.

Ashlee and Graham get a very awkward 1 on 1 as Ashlee proceeds to tell Graham that she stalks I mean follows him on Instagram. When they get the FS card Graham gently suggests they stay in separate rooms which kind of bums Ashlee out — “I just want to have a good time…not putting too much pressure on forever,” Graham says —  “I think it’s pretty appropriate that we don’t spend the night together.” Ouch!

At the rose ceremony

Chris & Elise (leave together for Chicago)

AshLee & Graham

Lacy & Marcus

Clare & Zach

Robert & Sarah

Marquel & Jackie

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