Monet Bell reveals why she did ‘Married at First Sight’

Monet Bell is the gorgeous, bubbly 33-year-old New York project manager who appeared on the FYI series ‘Married at First Sight’ and married 30-year-old New Jersey airplane technician Vaughn Copeland. So when I first saw this show my first question was…oh my God, why did these people agree to be on this ridiculous show!

I mean it’s no small decision to get legally married to someone and to agree to do it “at first sight” based upon the advice of experts is really taking it to a whole new level!

Surprisingly 2 out of the 3 couples decided to stay married, but one couple, Monet and Vaughn decided to get a divorce.

Monet spoke to about why she decided to engage in such a radical experiment on national television.

“You’ve had quite an experience over the last few months. What made you say yes to marrying someone you never met?

MONET BELL: A friend heard about a show that was casting singles and sent it my way. I thought it was an experiment about dating in the city, so I said sign me up. Once there, we were in workshops with experts when they shared the premise of the show. It really took me no time to decide that I was going to do it. I was dating on my own for a while and not meeting Mr. Right, so if I have the opportunity to have four experts assess me and find a match from a scientific standpoint, the reward would outweigh the risks.”

“ Last night we saw you decide to end your marriage. When did you know this wasn’t going to work? BELL: It really wasn’t clear until the end during the last week. He and I got to a place where we realized we weren’t a match. I really fought as long as I could for it to last. Five weeks wasn’t enough time for us to be able to really asses each other especially seeing that we were arguing most of the time. I wonder what would have happened if there were no cameras.”

Essence also inquired about her controversial decision to have sex with her new husband the night they met.

“ You caught some flack for having sex on your wedding night with your husband you met the same day. Do you regret it? BELL: I stand by that. I know people say, oh well, you guys didn’t know each other. But I did know a lot about him. We both went through an extremely intense evaluation process. We already had a bond because everything I went through, he did too. Then we got married and the connection was there. We didn’t plan on having sex. It just naturally happened and I don’t regret it because in that moment, I was happy. I saw my husband. He was handsome. We didn’t make love but we had sex and it was awesome. I wouldn’t change it.”

A two-hour reunion special, “Married at First Sight: Six Months Later,” airs Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. on FYI and Monet and Vaughn will be there to update us on their situation!

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