Bachelor Australia Blake Garvey Project Ten break-up interview shocks viewers!

Bachelor Australia season 2 were shocked to learn that 25-year-old winner Sam Frost and 31-year-old Bachelor Blake Garvey broke up 5 weeks after their engagement. In fact the Bachelor became a laughing stock when viewers learned about how fast the break-up occurred. The Project Ten interview even featured an audience laughing at Blake’s confession of undying love for his ex fiance.

The interview shows clips of Blake proclaiming: “I am ready to truly commit myself, and I can’t wait to start our life together.” ……. “Sam, I feel that you completely know me, all the way to my core.”

Well apparently she didn’t “really know” him that well!

In this tell-all interview, Sam Frost claims that she was not expecting him to propose at all.

And Blake said that he proposed because he “loved Sam” and that she was someone that he “saw a future with and wanted to spend his life with”.

The audience laughed as Blake proclaimed that he had “never been more sure of anything ever” and his assertion that he did not know went wrong.

Sam claimed that after South Africa:

“He was just a bit emotional and a bit upset, I sort of let him have his time and distance. We were just more like friends.”We actually haven’t hung out as a couple or even given it a shot or anything like that he just dusted it off his hands like it’s done, and I’m like what’s done? We haven’t even tried.”

Five weeks later, Garvey said they ended it in person. He claims he felt pressure to propose, but still loved Sam.

“We met up in person and just talked over it and as anyone would in that situation, when you have that time and you feel it’s not quite right you have to listen to your heart,” he said.

He skirted questions about falling in love with someone else. Here is The Project Ten interview:

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