Bachelor Australia Blake Garvey Project Ten break-up interview shocks viewers!

Bachelor Australia season 2 were shocked to learn that 25-year-old winner Sam Frost and 31-year-old Bachelor Blake Garvey broke up 5 weeks after their engagement. In fact the Bachelor became a laughing stock when viewers learned about how fast the break-up occurred. The Project Ten interview even featured an audience laughing at Blake’s confession of … Read more

Blake Garvey claims Lisa Hyde is lying in Project Ten interview

Wow! The situations don’t stop with Bachelor Australia! Now in the LATEST tell-all interview, Blake Garvey, 31 claims Sam Frost’s close friend Lisa Hyde, 27 has been ‘regularly’ contacting him behind her back. Garvey told Woman’s Day magazine that he has been receiving constant phone calls and text messages from the show’s runner-up Lisa. Hyde claimed that … Read more

Bachelor Australia winner Sam Frost in a new love triangle

No sooner had Bachelor Australia season 2 ended and couple 25-year-old winner Sam Frost and 31-year-old Bachelor, Perth real estate auctioneer Blake Garvey broke up— 2 weeks after their engagement to be exact. In fact Blake has reportedly moved on to 3rd place contestant 26-year-old Louise Pillidge. And winner, Sam claims that she was blindsided by … Read more

Sam Frost claims she was blindsided by break-up with Bachelor Blake Garvey

The 1.57 million Australians who tuned in to the season finale of Bachelor Australia season 2 were shocked to learn that 25-year-old winner Sam Frost and 31-year-old Bachelor Blake Garvey broke up 2 weeks after their engagement! But apparently no one was more shocked than Sam! On the finale Blake proclaimed: “I am ready to truly … Read more

Sam Frost gets back together with ex boyfriend?

25-year-old Bachelor Australia winner Sam Frost claims she has no idea what went wrong between her and Bachelor Australia, Blake Garvey but the 31-year-old Perth real estate auctioneer dumped his leading lady 2 weeks after the proposal in South Africa! Rumor is Blake dumped her for 2nd place runner-up Louise Pillidge. (As a side note, this … Read more

‘Blake Garvey’ Bachelor Australia Season 2: Bio, Photos, Twitter

‘Blake Garvey’ 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter Name: Blake Garvey Age: 31 Show: Bachelor Australia Season 2 Hometown: Perth Occupation: Estate agent and auctioneer, ex-male entertainer, “Network Ten can confirm that Blake was involved with Alpha Male Entertainment before being cast as Ten’s 2014 Bachelor,” network executives said in a statement, as quoted by Sydney Morning Herald. … Read more