How did Jax Taylor meet girlfriend Tiffany Matthews?

So per the previews it looks like we will get to see the relationship between Jax Taylor and 28-year-old Tiffany Matthews and Jax Taylor and 23-year-old model Carmen Dickman (both reported here first) unfold on season 3 of Vanderpump Rules!

So how exactly did Jax Taylor meet girlfriend Tiffany Matthews?

Well he he actually met Tiffany first, last summer and broke up with her to date Carmen. Tiffany is an Event and Logisitics Manager at the Hyde Bellagio, and this is how they met.

This what our source told us:

“Jax didn’t meet Tiffany on Twitter. She planned a party for one of his friends at the Hyde Bellagio over the summer and that is how it all started. They continued to chit chat on Twitter and because Stassi started dating someone new Jax had a hard time staying in LA. He started going to Vegas more and more to get away. That’s how Tiffany and him began spending more time together .”

The two got pretty serious and tried to see each other every other weekend since Tiffany lived in Vegas. Here is what our source said earlier about how they coordinated their long distance relationship:

“They try to see each other every weekend. She lives in Vegas so she travels to LA on the weekends and Jax normally travels back to Vegas with her for a couple of days.”

Carmen appeared to be more of a set-up via Vanderpump Rules producers who needed to replace vixen Stassi Schroeder but lucky for them it looks like Jax actually did develop feelings for her. According to our insider Tiffany did not like the spotlight so producers pressured Jax to end things with her. This explains why he kept getting back together with her.

He made his relationship official with Tiffany on Facebook on July 23rd, and the two continued to date until January.


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