Bachelor Canada season 2 recap Women Tell All

So tonight the amazing ladies from season 2 of Bachelor Canada gathered to dish some dirt on the season (all 7 weeks of it) on the infamous Women Tell All episode.

So the first situation is that Tyler Harcott FINALLY appears! He has been MIA since the premiere episode, but he looks well rested and certainly not jet lagged!

The second situation is the hair straightening. Did the production crew hire a hair straightener? I almost didn’t recognize all these straight-haired ladies—even Tyler Harcott’s hair seemed a tad bit straighter than usual. And I agree with Sheri H. at the HuffPo…that Tyler looked positively “dapper”.

First up was Kaylynn who was famous for having a lot of s-e-r-i-o-u-s feelings. And was strangely calm and un-emotional tonight claiming: “My emotions and everything that happened really took me by surprise,”….. “Because, in my real life, I’m actually not like that.” WHAAAAAAT?! Well, I have always been a fan of Kaylynn. I actually think she is adorable, emotions and all and I thought she had a good chance of winning. But the other ladies were not really big fans especially Rileigh. I was happy to hear that her and Martha had “hugged it out” though.

They also did a montage on April Borgnetta who was one of my all time faves! Seriously CityTv give that girl a spin-off! Her comments were so wrong, they were so right–she says “I do want a family, if I don’t have my own children Ill just do as I did with my boobs, buy ’em”.

Then we got to catch up with Ms. Natalie Elliott, the Cambridge, Ontario, Elementary French Teacher and learn about her reasons for leaving AND for coming back. Elliot rubbed some of the ladies the wrong way with her prim and proper persona (She is an enneagram One BTW. One’s want to be ‘right’, consistent with their ideals, and “to justify themselves beyond criticism so as not to be condemned by anyone.”) She may have “tried” a little too hard.

The school teacher came off a little cold, too schooled and idealistic—more like she was doing a job interview rather than trying to land a life partner in 9 weeks.

B1o6isdIIAAAHDtAnyhoo, Natalie claimed tonight that she wanted to “be [her] best self.” ….. “I didn’t want to swear, I didn’t want to do anything that could possibly, uh, jeopardize my profession” (and apparently she didn’t want to do anything that could possibly get her laid!) Well mission accomplished Natalie!

Then ‘sassy’ Lisa butts in saying, “But that’s not being real,” — (gotta love Lisa for always laying the smack down) — nor is it going to get you laid Natalie.

Then Natalie shockingly claims: “I knew for sure Tim was not into me, but I came back to stir the pot.” WHAAAAAT???!

Natalie was probably the most strikingly beautiful of the women, and I think she thought she had the gig nailed and was likely shocked that she was booted so early. But sadly the “teacher” persona just was not a turn-on to Tim. And I think tonight she was trying to save a little face, because I don’t think anyone was buying it.

o-BACHELOR-CANADA-WOMEN-TELL-ALL-facebookAs if this alternate universe could not get any stranger. Vagician and Burlesque Dancer April Borgnetta jumps in and says “You don’t meddle with other people’s relationships. If you’re doing it for yourself to get more air time, you’re on the wrong show.” WHAAAAAT?! Who is that sane girl making such a rational claim?

One situation that was addressed was the scandalous kiss between finalist Lisa Racz and the anonymous Tuscany bartender—although it was only kind of addressed.

Lisa once again gets the super creepy soundtrack. Sachelle begins by confronting her on being two-faced. Lisa claims she did not know her that well.

Tyler confronts Lisa about the bartender situation and Lisa pulls the I was “too drunk to remember” card while Sachelle with her impeccable credibility (who really would make an expert witness in any court room) claims that she had to pull Lisa off of the guy twice! And that Lisa was screaming “I just made out with that bartender so hard” in the streets of Tuscany.

So we never got a real confession, but she did not deny Sachelle’s claim either.

Lisa simply apologizes directly to Tim for “disrespecting (him) in Italy,” and admits that she regrets her behavior. Good move.

Next up Sachelle. Bachelor Tim Warmels appears to address her. Tyler asks her ‘what was missing’. Sachelle asks ‘when did you know the connections were stronger?’ Tim claims it was just a gut instinct. Tim then addresses Lisa and claims the way she handled the situation led me not to trust her. He also addresses Kaylynn! And Tim interestingly claims that things may have been differen if they had met under different circumstances. So does this mean he regrets his decision to dump Kaylynn?

But that was about it. So what did we learn tonight? Eh, not much.

Next week Tim will choose a life partner between 28-year-old Edmonton Beauty Queen, Trisha Vergo and 27-year-old Wasaga Beach Realtor April Brockman .

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In case you have forgotten the ladies already here is a cheat sheet:

Alison Ruiz, 27, Montreal, Quebec, Nurse

April Borgnetta, 30, Victoria, British Columbia, Wax Artist

April Brockman, 27, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Realtor

Christine White, 29, Vancouver, British Columbia, Music Teacher

Dominique, 28, Montreal, Quebec, Reception & IT

Jenny Campion, 26, Hong Kong / Vancouver, British Columbia, Personal Trainer

Kaylynn, 26, Vancouver, British Columbia, Ballerina

Lisa Racz, 25 Calgary, Alberta, Hairstylist

Martha Reyes Islas, 26, Cuernavaca, Mexico / Montreal, Quebec, Fashion Buyer

Natalie Elliott, 27, Cambridge, Ontario, Elementary French Teacher

Renée-Anne Montpellier, 28, Sherbrooke, Quebec, ER Doctor

Rileigh, 23, Kingston, Ontario, Philosophy Student/Waitress

Sachelle Violette, 24, Sudbury, Ontario, University Recruitment Coordinator

Sonia, 42, Calgary, Alberta, Lingerie Model

Trisha Vergo, 28, Edmonton, Alberta, Beauty Queen

Bachelor Canada season 2

The Bachelor Canada airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on City.

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