Lyndsey Gavin and Chris Leroux’ awkward exchange on After the Final Rose

Last night the season 3 finale of Bachelor Canada aired and things got awkward to say the least. It looked like 23-year-old Lyndsey Gavin was a shoe win and despite the less than dramatic conclusion, there were a few surprises. Chris continued to express strong romantic feelings for Lyndsey. Earlier he had told Lyndsey that he was willing to … Read more

Are Chris Leroux and Mikaela Wightman still together?

If you saw last night’s less than dramatic Bachelor Canada finale then you already know the answer. Yes, in the end 33-year-old Chris Leroux offered a lukewarm proposal of continued dating to 27 year-old Winnipeg, Manitoba Communications Manager and Fashion blogger Mikaela Wightman, but the two had already broken up before the finale even aired! I suppose it didn’t bode … Read more

Bachelor Canada finale — Chris Leroux picks Mikaela Wightman — sort of

Season 3 Bachelor Canada premiere recap The Season 3 Bachelor Canada finale aired tonight and 33-year-old Chris Leroux sadly bailed on his contractual obligation to propose to one amazing lady. Yes, Chris opted to forgo the engagement proposal and stay as a single individual despite W Network’s best efforts to find him a life partner. … Read more

Bachelor Canada season 2 recap Women Tell All

So tonight the amazing ladies from season 2 of Bachelor Canada gathered to dish some dirt on the season (all 7 weeks of it) on the infamous Women Tell All episode. So the first situation is that Tyler Harcott FINALLY appears! He has been MIA since the premiere episode, but he looks well rested and … Read more

Bachelor Canada After the Final Rose: Viva, Brad and Bianka!

Tonight on the Bachelor Canada After the Final Rose special we finally got to see Bachelor Brad Smith face emotionally stunted Whitney Lee and then swoon over his new fiancee, Bianka Kamber. And, even though we’ve been obsessively watching all of the post-finale couples coverage of the two newly engaged lovebirds, it was still GREAT … Read more

Bachelor Brad Smith Interview: On The Bachelor, Whitney and Bianka

Bachelor Brad Smith opened up to the folks behind to discuss some insider-y details about last night’s big Bachelor Canada finale: Which way were you leaning before both Bianka and Whitney met your family? Being in the unique position as the bachelor, you have to develop multiple, but at the same time, individual relationships … Read more

Are Bachelor Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber still together? YES!

After last night’s big Bachelor Canada finale, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is: Are Bachelor Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber still together? The reason for this is sound: Usually, it’s been at least a couple of month’s since the final couple got engaged in “real life,” before the finale airs, and they have to … Read more

Brad Smith and Whitney Lee: Their bizarre Bachelor break up

Whitney Lee, 24, has hands-down been the biggest situation all season on The Bachelor Canada and that situation became even bigger tonight in Brad’s bizarre break-up with the vixen. The amazing lady exited the limo to begin their date only to say: “I want you to know that I respect you and you have to … Read more

Bachelor Canada Finale: Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber!

Yes! It’s Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber for the Big Win! For those of you lucky enough to watch The Bachelor Canada, you saw the fairytale finale where former professional football player Brad Smith chose professional Kim Kardashian doppelganger Bianka Kamber from Toronto. (First situation: Bianka or Bianca? It’s spelled both ways in multiple places). … Read more