Why did Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman break-up?

Why did Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman break-up? Which time? Ha!

All joking aside, yes the two have broken up and gotten back together multiple times. Here is a timeline in case you need a refresher.

But the two supposedly OFFICIALLY broke up a few weeks ago and it was not because of other girlfriend Tiffany Matthews or San Diego bathroom girl. It was after a serious situation ensued with her two beloved dogs.

According to co-star Kristen Doute along with one other insider Jax left Carmen’s two dogs alone December 12th in a bathroom for 15 plus hours with no food or water while he partied all night doing cocaine with friends. jax-dogs

The event was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Carmen and she broke up with him right after. The dogs had supposedly chewed up a bunch of stuff, so Jax locked them in the bathroom while he went out. And it was none other than Kristen Doute who came to the rescue of the two dogs — so maybe we have all been a little too hard on her.

Kristen was blasting Jax mercilessly on Twitter for the event and I gotta say…..I think he deserved it.

What is shocking to me is that Carmen was still dating him after all of the events that occurred on the show–including his romp with San Diego girl.

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