What does Chris Soules farm?

We know that new ABC Bachelor Chris Soules, 33 is a 4th generation farmer and millionaire in Iowa and that he grew up on a grain farm in northeast Iowa near Strawberry Point, but what the heck does he farm?

He is very busy spreading his farming expertise around Iowa–a Farmland Investment Specialist, and Farm Manager at Summit Farms, and he runs the family Soules Farms located in Alden.

Summit Farms is large farming operation headquartered in Alden, IA. that produces row crops, pork and beef.

His family (Father Gary and Mother Linda Rae Soules) owns a 6,000-acre farm where they raise their 12,000 hogs and grow soybean and corn. The farm is categorized as a corn and soybean farm.

His family’s Farm in Stanley, Iowa has estimated annual revenues of $85,000 a year but I’m guessing it’s a heck of a lot more than that.

Chris also has a bit of a rap sheet–fighting, a DUI, possession of alcohol underage.

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