Chris Soules may be doing DWTS

The Bachelor season 19 just began but Chris Soules is already answering questions about possibly doing DWTS telling E! News:

“At this point, why not?” Chris says. “I went through The Bachelorette and never thought I’d do that and did it and it was a great experience. Now being the Bachelor, it’s been an extraordinary experience.”

“I’m open to a lot of opportunities, I’d be willing to consider these sort of things. But I’m going to do what’s best for me and do what’s right and what I feel is right for my future.”

He also says, “I think I need to do some yoga because watching those people and some of the stuff they do…I’m not a very flexible guy, so I am going to need to get limbered up if that’s going to happen!”–well he has a couple of yoga instructors in his crop of ladies who could help!

Chris would join the ranks of Bachelor Sean Lowe and Jake Pavelka if he does.


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