Vincent De Paul comments on the Jax Taylor gay rumors

Photos of model and actor / producer Vincent De Paul and Jax Taylor labeled “boyfriends” sparked rumors a few years ago that Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor may be gay or at least bi-sexual and last night on the show we received a slew of new evidence to suggest/confirm that Jax has been with men before. (In short a man named ‘John’ showed up last night to meet Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval for dinner. John Walters was a talent scout in Miami and took quite a fondness to Jax, then Jason Cauchi 15 years ago–even taking nude photos of him).

Vincent recently went to Radar Online to discuss the new situation:

“Jax and I modeled together in Miami Beach for Dulce de Leche. We did many campaigns together for different designers in South Florida. We quickly became friends.”

As to whether or not the two were actually “boyfriends” he said:

“We went to L.A. fashion week together and were photographed”…… “They used boyfriends in the title of what they published, but they meant boyfriend as in good friends.”

BUT De Paul did not deny that Jax may be gay or bi-sexual.

“Sexually, I’m not sure,” …… “I can tell you, though, that Jax did not mind if people saw the photo of us together with the label of ‘boyfriends.’ When Jax brought the photo to my attention at a house party in Beverly Hills many years ago we laughed about it.”

“With Jax, there is always a celebration of everyone: man or woman. He has a great sensitivity, so people can perceive anything about him,” he said.

He went on to say:

“If there’s 10 guys in a model apartment in Milan or Miami and we’re all sleeping together, yes, people could say he ‘slept with guys’” –which may be why Jax was so unphased about sharing a bed with his Vanderpump Rules co-stars.

Jax is currently torn between two women Carmen Dickman and Tiffany Matthews on the show but sounds like these two ladies have more to worry about than other women stealing Mr. Jax.

Here is the very intriguing evidence that emerged last night on Jax Taylor’s sexuality.

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