Chris Soules and Nick Viall weigh in on Josh Murray Andi Dorfman break-up

Bachelorette couple Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray just called off their engagement yesterday days after The Bachelor premiere and Chris Soules and Nick Viall weigh in.

Friends of Chris Soules told E! News:

“Chris did actually think they were gonna last,” but that Chris Soules thinks “Josh is a great guy.”

And infamous runner-up Nick Viall told E! News, “I was surprised. I feel for them. Heartbreak is tough for anyone, whether you’re engaged or not. It stinks.”

We already knew that Nick did not think it would last because of the infamous airplane video where Nick slams Josh.

Sources earlier claimed that the couple began fighting after Nick Viall claimed that Andi ‘made love’ to him right before the proposal by Josh. But I would not get too excited that Andi and Nick could reunite.

Nick was invited by producers to attend the red carpet event, but Andi and Josh did not want him there.
It sounds like Nick really pissed Andi off and she is not interested in seeing him again.
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Photo Source: ABC

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