Kaitlyn Bristowe & Britt Nilsson make BIG first impression on Bachelor Chris Soules

Tonight on the big live premiere of The Bachelor Chris Soules met a huge crop of amazing ladies, but two made a particularly big impression on the 33-year-old Iowa Farmer. In an interview with People magazine Chris talked about his exciting first impressions on night one.

“That was a great experience. It was nerve-wracking but exciting to be in the same room with 30 amazing women and knowing that one of them could potentially become my fiancée. I felt that. I got to meet these incredible women and I could see this working. I was a little nervous going in thinking that there wouldn’t be that many quality women, but there really was. I was extremely excited.”

As far as who made some of the biggest impression on The Bachelor he said this:
Source: ABC
Source: ABC

“Well, there was one girl who sang me a song coming out of the limo. That’s pretty impressive and she was a good singer. Another girl rode up in a motorcycle. It was pretty hot. One girl was a secret admirer. She snuck up and they had me turn around and she gave me a note and I had to find her inside so that was creative, a la my secret admirer in Andi’s season. But then I think I kind of want to go in to some of the other girls I met inside.”

He claims that 30-year-old Dance Instructor Kaitlyn Bristowe of Vancouver, British Columbia made him blush.

“Those things were fun and great coming out of the limo but there were a few girls who really impressed me inside after I got to meet them and talk to them. One girl who particularly caught my eye was Kaitlyn. She actually came up, guns blazing, when she came out of the limo. She told me that I could plow her field any day. I think I blushed. But then she taught me how to break dance when I met her inside. I was really impressed with her.”

UPDATE 2/24/2015: Reality Steve has confirmed that Kaitlyn Bristowe will be the next Bachelorette

Britt Nilsson Source: ABC
Britt Nilsson
Source: ABC

Then he goes on to talk about 27-year-old Model/Actor/Waitress Britt Nilsson from Hollywood, California.

“Britt was, I mean, obviously, she’s gorgeous. She gave me a hug that was probably one of the best hugs that I’ve ever had. It was pretty damn good (laughs). We just had a weird connection, an unexplainable instant great connection. Whitney obviously impressed me. She had a little Southern twang and talked about Iowa. She said Iowa with a little Southern accent.”

The previews make it look like someone had a few too many cocktails on night one. In regards to the drinking Chris said this:

“Yeah, there were a couple who were maybe a little over-served. There were definitely a couple girls who were over-served, but I get it. It’s a long night and everybody’s stressed out and they’re also trying to have a good time. But I think they’re generally speaking, well-behaved.”

Well the countdown is on!! And the situations are about to emerge! Stay tuned!


UPDATE: 2/18/2015: Insiders claim Kaitlyn is not on the show ‘for the right reasons’

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