Jax Taylor’s nude shower scene is a situation!

On Monday the gang from Vanderpump Rules heads to Miami for Scheana Marie’s bridal shower and on First Look we get to see the first 15 minutes of the show and Jax Taylor delivers quite a show in those first 15 minutes in a nude shower scene!

I was stunned to see Bravo actually show full ass and full ass side view as Mr Jax disrobes to get into the shower. I suddenly felt like I was watching soft-p0rn on Cinemax and not Vanderpump Rules! The scene will surely cement Jax’ well-earned place as a gay icon.

Speaking of “gay”, the clip also shows pals Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval entering the tiny hotel room that they will share with Jax. The room only has one bed. Sandoval is outraged since he knows that 3 guys in a bed means someone has to spoon and be spooned, but Tom Schwartz is unphased by the situation and actually insists that he and Jax spoon on the bed.

And I know they were teasing, but I am more and more convinced that Tom Schwartz has a big gay crush on BFF Jax. He is way more loyal to Jax than his girlfriend Katie and is not really ever in to having sex with his girlfriend so 1 and 1….? NTM Mr. Jax has a history of ‘sleeping’ with other boys from his modeling days…aka sharing beds in hotel rooms.

Not to mention gay host Andy Cohen stated that he was pretty certain Jax had had some gay experiences a week ago. So I think we have a full ‘blown’ situation here.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Monday, Jan 5th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Photo Source: Bravo

UPDATE: 1/07/2015 Gay rumors around Jax Taylor swirl. Did he have a boyfriend in Miami?

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