Ariana Madix still does not believe Tom Sandoval cheated with ‘Miami Girl’

So I do not know what to think about Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix I can not imagine that Ariana could actually dismiss the mountain of evidence to suggest that Tom Sandoval cheated with ‘Miami Girl’ Annemarie Kunkel . I thought Tom must have confessed off-camera to the indiscretion and they must have worked it out, because how could anyone be this naive? especially a smart girl like Ariana?

Do you think Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix with AnneMarie Kunkel in Miami?

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Capture8But it looks like Ariana may really be this naive because she is still insisting the story is bogus. Last week Kristen invited Jax to dinner with Scheana, where she was able to get Jax to confess that Tom Sandoval did, in fact, have sex with Annemarie in Miami.

Which in and of itself is not a slam dunk because Jax does lie but this coupled by the enormous detail that Annemarie cites to support her claim.

But surprise Ariana still doesn’t believe that Tom cheated on her in Miami with Miami Girl. In fact she thinks that Jax is lying again.

Ariana just tweeted that “every time [Jax] makes up a new story, [her] eyes roll so far [she] can see [her] brain.”

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