Poll: Who Should be the Next Bachelorette?

So we have made it to the Final 2 ladies on The Bachelor season 19 Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff which means we know who the number 3 girl is and number 3 is always a big possibility for The Bachelorette. In other words we pretty much have all of our options on the table now and no doubt ABC is frantically trying to decide who to make their next Bachelorette.

So lets’ help them out and weigh in.

Obviously Kaitlyn Bristowe, is a big front-runner, but can she actually be vulnerable enough to lead the show? But there have also been rumors surrounding Britt Nilsson, but is she likeable enough after we saw her tell the girls one thing and Chris another? Zak Waddell‘s little sister Carly Waddell was a bit of a fan favorite. And then there is the infamous Kelsey Poe. She may be too busy writing her novel in Paris to to lead the new season, but who knows.

Weigh in!

Who do you think should be the Next Bachelorette?

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Who Should be the Next Bachelorette?”

  1. I will watch and eceryone I know will too,but only if BRITT NILLSON IS THE BACHELORETTE. That Kaitlyn girl is hard to look at, she has a lazy eye that goes off in another direction than the other. Also her teeth are crooked and the two front teeth are way too long. Plus she is too tiny and has no shape at all.She was NOT a nice person either.She was evil when others were rejected.The”Im fun” was all an obvious act.
    Very tedious to observe. All the women at my gym feel the same as I do. We wont watch if shes chosen.


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