Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion: ‘Miami Girl’

Vanderpump Rules season 3 Reunion part 2 Recap On Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion show the cast rehashes the ‘Miami Girl’ situation. Host Any Cohen grills Tom Sandoval about the mounting evidence against him including Annemarie’s description of Tom’s genitalia. Jax Taylor, 35 is grilled about what exactly he saw and concedes that … Read more

Ariana Madix still does not believe Tom Sandoval cheated with ‘Miami Girl’

So I do not know what to think about Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix I can not imagine that Ariana could actually dismiss the mountain of evidence to suggest that Tom Sandoval cheated with ‘Miami Girl’ Annemarie Kunkel . I thought Tom must have confessed off-camera to the indiscretion and they must have worked it … Read more

Jax Taylor admits Tom Sandoval cheated in Miami

All season long 31-year-old Kristen Doute has been obsessed with the rumor that her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval cheated on current girlfriend Ariana Madix in Miami with NYC office admin Annemarie Kunkel aka ‘Miami Girl’. If there is one thing we know, it’s that Jax Taylor can NOT keep a secret. Tonight he finally caved. Stassi … Read more

Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t believe Tom Schwartz did not cheat

Lisa Vanderpump weighed in on her video blog about firing Kristen Doute and the Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz cheating situation. “Well it’s nice to see Kristen having such a good time. Clearly she’s not concerned about what’s gone down or her job for that matter.”–nice little dig! She goes on to comment about Kristen bringing Annemarie … Read more

Tom Schwartz blasts Kristen Doute on Miami Girl situation

The cast of Vanderpump Rules has always had a pretty functional, dysfunctional relationship and I think Tom Schwartz is feeling betrayed by his boyfriend, I mean best friend Jax Taylor for snitching on him about cheating on girlfriend Katie Maloney in Vegas so he is naturally directing his anger at Kristen Doute. Kristen has always been an … Read more

Kristen Doute on what convinced her Annemarie Kunkel was telling the truth

Kristen Doute deserves an Emmy for her performance on Vanderpump Rules this season. I did not think she could pull off the Miami Girl situation, but she did! Monday the 31-year-old SUR-ver arranged for Annemarie Kunkel to come to L.A. to confront Tom, at SUR while he was bartending! She apparently pulled this canny maneuver off without telling … Read more

Annemarie Kunkel comes to LA to confront Tom Sandoval on Vanderpump Rules!!!

YES!!!! There were rumors that sexy NYC receptionist Annemarie Kunkel would fly 4000 miles to confront Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval, but we were not certain until now. Kristen Doute has been obsessed with the alleged cheating of ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval on new girlfriend Ariana Madix since season 3 of the show began and lucky … Read more

Will Kristen Doute get Annemarie Kunkel to confront Tom Sandoval on cheating?

So it looks like Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute is not done with ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval despite their attempt at a truce Monday in Miami. The two shared a tearful discussion about their relationship in an effort to get closure. But I think the conversation may have back-fired on Tom because it looks like Kristen has … Read more

Did Tom Sandoval cheat on Ariana Madix in Miami?

Did Tom Sandoval cheat on Ariana Madix in Miami? On the Jan. 5 episode of Vanderpump Rules the SUR crew heads to Miami for Scheana Marie‘s bachelorette party  where the cheating rumors surrounding Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval, keep circulating. Tom is angry that Jax keeps telling on him which…hello! suggests he is guilty! Tom … Read more

Does Tom Sandoval still have feelings for Kristen Doute?

If you have been watching season 3 of Vanderpump Rules then you have seen how blissfully happy star Tom Sandoval appears with his new girlfriend Ariana Madix and you have seen how vigilantly ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute has been stalking Tom on social media and perseverating on his new relationship with Ariana despite being in a new … Read more