Chris Harrison on Kelsey Poe

Bachelor contestant Kelsey Poe, 26 rubbed a lot of the ladies the wrong way this season. She was anxious to tell Bachelor Chris Soules, 33 the tragic tale of her ex-husband Sanderson Poe’s sudden death.

But when the diatribe failed to secure her a guaranteed rose she had an epic pre-rose ceremony meltdown that struck many as calculated. Some suggest she is a victim of ABC’s editing team but even host Chris Harrison seems to have his doubts about Kelsey’s sincerity as well. He said this in TV Guide about the sitch.

“Last week, you weren’t positive how Kelsey would be received. What do you think now? Chris Harrison: There are not a lot of sympathetic feelings toward Kelsey, and I think it’s the way she carries herself and the way she speaks to people. It’s such a condescending tone and arrogant manner. I know she’s well educated, but the fact that she tries to show that all the time comes off cold. Even the panic attack seemed calculated. So, this episode didn’t help anything. No matter what public opinion is, the girls had enough. They were done. Britt is the only one. Britt’s playing a different game than everybody right now, so I don’t think she minds much.”

Wow! Chris is the consummate diplomat so to hear him describe Kelsey as ‘condescending and arrogant’ is shocking. And what does he mean by “Britt’s playing a different game”? It’s pretty obvious that Britt probably walks off the show next week, but is Chris suggesting this was her ‘plan’ all along?

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