Chris Soules says he felt ‘manipulated’ by Britt Nilsson

We all had high hopes for 27-year-old Bachelor contestant Britt Nilsson of Hollywood, California. And she genuinely seemed like a shoe-win from the start. She was stunningly gorgeous and seemed very personable, but unfortunately she also turned out to be a bit too Courtney Robertson in the end. She was telling the girls one thing and Chris Soules another.

In the end it seemed like Chris finally got it and dumped her in Iowa after Carly Waddell warned him about her insincerity. But apparently Carly wasn’t the only one who warned Chris about Britt. Jade also said something to him at the cocktail party. He said this in his People blog:

“When I was saying goodbye to her, she questioned if Britt would be the type to live in Iowa. And what you didn’t get to see was that at the cocktail party in Deadwood, Jade said something to me about Britt. She said she constantly flip-flopped on her opinions and was just telling me what I wanted to hear. Carly was almost the last straw.”

Luckily Chris also started tapping into his own intuition about her. Better late then never!

“I also started feeling like Britt’s over-the-topness wasn’t fully sincere. It started to feel like she was putting on a performance. And the girls’ comments supported that. It was too bad because we did have such a strong connection right off the bat. But truthfully, now I question all of that. Early on I thought she, and our connection, was too good to be true. Turns out it was.”

Chris goes on to say that he felt like he was being ‘manipulated’ by the Hollywood actress.

“When Britt pulled me aside during the rose ceremony, I wasn’t surprised. Her recent behavior led me to believe she was going to do something strange. I was thankful that she apologized for the other night, and I accepted her apology. But truthfully, I felt like I was being manipulated to feel like I was somehow in the wrong. It was like she was trying to break up with me first, knowing I was going to break up with her. It was very strange. It was as if this whole time she was putting on a show, and she finally got caught, realized I wasn’t buying it anymore, and she tried to turn it on me. This isn’t how your future wife is supposed to make you feel, so I knew in that moment I was making the right decision.”

Exactly Chris! This is not how your future wife is supposed to make you feel!

See what Britt says on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Sounds like she intends to confront Carly Waddell on the Women Tell All.

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