Kelsey Poe wants ABC to pay for ’emotional damage’

Bachelor star Kelsey Poe never ceases to disappoint me. I was really expecting so much more from the 28-year-old Guidance Counselor from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is really pretty, really smart, really charming and unfortunately, really manipulative. So now Kelsey is threatening ABC and “insists they should pay for the emotional damage that was done … Read more

‘Women Tell All’ Kelsey Poe returns to defend herself

Tonight on The Bachelor 17 of the original 30 women return to explain their situations and confront Chris Soules about why he dumped them. The show taped on Feb. 21st and things got intense according to host Chris Harrison who contends this season was the: “Craziest. Wildest. It was lightning in a bottle, good and … Read more

Kelsey Poe Update

Bachelor contestant Kelsey Poe sort of shocked everyone by coming off so pompous and ego-centric on this season of The Bachelor. I really expected a lot more from a Guidance Counselor. Her persona on the show was a bit off. She seemed to relish her story about her deceased husband Sanderson Poe, calling her story, … Read more

Kelsey Poe returns on season ‘Tell All’ to explain ‘the situation’

In a special ‘tell-all’ episode tonight Kelsey Poe whom Bachelor Chris Soules famously dumped in the middle of the Badlands last week returns to try and redeem herself. Kelsey was shocked when Harrison told her that she was a ‘controversial figure’. “Am I really that controversial?” She insisted the “panic attack” was legit (even though … Read more