Chris Harrison blasts rumors that Kaitlyn Bristowe had a secret boyfriend

Season 11 of The Bachelorette has barely started filming and rumors of serious scandal are already flying. In fact the biggest rumor is that Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe already had a boyfriend while filming The Bachelor and still does.

A new report claims that she has been dating firefighter Trevor Partlo for a year in Vancouver.

This would be an unprecedented situation if true. The show has often had contestants who failed to disclose that they were dating someone, but never a lead. Obviously since filming has already begun this would be a disaster for the franchise.

And Bachelorette host Chris Harrison. is blasting the rumor, but is that because it’s false or because it’s too late for the show to change course?

Chris told Us Weekly:

“Really? How would she have time for that,” ……. “Is it me?! Who came up with that story?”

“No, I don’t think she had a secret boyfriend.”

Well I would not write the rumor off yet. After all how would the show act if it were true?

Harrison goes on to comment on how the new season is unfolding:

“It’s going great! I think we couldn’t go wrong with both of the girls, both very different,” …..”Britt’s emotional and beautiful, and Kaitlyn’s beautiful and funny in a more sarcastic, bust your chops way. Two very different shows and it’s going to be great. And a really great group of guys too. It’s going to be a really good show.”

Alright, well let’s hope so!


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