Chris Soules still in love with Becca Tilley

On the finale of The Bachelor Chris Soules’ father Gary proclaimed “Whitney’s a sure thing, but I think Becca is who he wants.” The statement was a bit unsettling because it meant that Chris was proposing to someone that he was not really in love with.

So rumors have been circulating that Chris Soules despite proposing to Whitney Bischoff , still has very strong feeling for the girl he sent home Becca Tilley.

The March 23rd edition of In Touch says that Chris Soules was in love with Becca Tilley, but decided at the last minute to choose Whitney instead because Whitney was the “sure thing” and would move to Arlington, Iowa.

“Becca was the one that he really seemed to want as his wife. He loved her. And he probably still does. You don’t just fall out of love with someone.”

The insider goes on to say that Chris chose Whitney because she was a “safe bet”. It was obvious on the AFTR episode that producers had really worked hard to get Becca to fall for Chris since they knew that is who Chris wanted.

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