Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff on GMA!

Last night Bachelor Chris Soules made the grueling decision to choose a life partner. I say “grueling” because he was definitely falling in love with both women. But in the end he chose 29-year-old Fertility Nurse Whitney Bischoff  over 26-year-old Chiropractic assistant Becca Tilley.

I think it really was the first time in Bachelor history where the lead was genuinely torn and ABC wasn’t just tricking us with their ninja editing skills. So I am more intrigued than ever to see where the new couple stands now. It appeared on After the Final Rose that the two were still very much ON, but it also appeared on AFTR that Chris had some lingering feelings for his runner up.

So this morning GMA caught up with the couple.

The couple played the newlywed game this morning.

After all the publicity Chris told GMA that he plans to take Whitney to the movies on their first date:

“My first goal is to go to the ‘American Sniper’ movie,” he said. “I’m excited to drag Whitney to that movie and I will take her to dinner as a thank you.”

Whitney replied:

“We’re gonna be in L.A. and I’m not really familiar with good restaurants,” she added. “I’m open to suggestions!”


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