Kelsey Poe wants ABC to pay for ’emotional damage’

Bachelor star Kelsey Poe never ceases to disappoint me. I was really expecting so much more from the 28-year-old Guidance Counselor from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is really pretty, really smart, really charming and unfortunately, really manipulative.

So now Kelsey is threatening ABC and “insists they should pay for the emotional damage that was done to her” and is allegedly working with a psychiatrist to prepare for a potential lawsuit—good luck. I imagine that contract is air-tight.

We have all heard the ‘amazing story’ of her deceased husband, musician Sanderson Patrick Poe who sadly died of heart failure in May of 2013. Kelsey was highly criticized for how she talked about the experience.

A source tells RadarOnline:

“Kelsey is being treated for EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing], which is an effective form of treatment that is used to alleviate the stress associated with traumatic memories.”

Poe claims “the network and the show producers actually twisted the plot and played off the tragic death of her beloved ex-husband in order to get ratings.”

According to the insider, “As of right now, they have not offered her payment,” and so Poe is preparing to sue. I don’t think ABC will budge. Can you imagine if contestants could sue over the way they are portrayed? I have seen these sort of contracts and you sign away any and all rights with regards to how you are portrayed. So I hope her attorney is on a contingency because I think this is a lost cause.

Earlier Kelsey claimed she was moving to Paris to write a book.

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