Kaitlyn Bristowe had a boyfriend during ‘The Bachelor’

Wow season 11 of The Bachelorette hasn’t even begun and the scandal is already starting. It turns out that Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, 30 had a serious boyfriend while filming The Bachelor last fall and got back together with him after The Bachelor and before she began filming The Bachelorette!

A friend of the couple tells Star that she has been dating firefighter Trevor Partlo for a year in Vancouver. “She loves being in the spotlight, and Trevor knows it,” ….

“When she signed on to The Bachelor, Trevor told me, ‘She’s just doing it to get famous. It doesn’t mean anything. She’ll come back and it’ll be life as normal.’”

Wow! I wonder if this is the same insider who broke the story that Kaitlyn was not in to Chris Soules and was only on the show to get famous?

Apparently when Kaitlyn was in the top three finalists, she returned home and:

“she told Trevor, ‘The whole thing was a joke — I only saw Chris, like, nine times,’” …… “But she admitted to another pal that she and Chris had been ‘intimate.’”

“I know Kaitlyn has told Trevor in the past that she loves him,” the source claims. “She’s a free spirit, but she can also be very manipulative. And I have no doubt that actually finding a husband on The Bachelorette will be the last thing on her mind.”

Here is the tiniest photo of Trevor from Instagram. It’s all I could find.

Trevor Partlo Source: Instagram
Trevor Partlo
Source: Instagram

Whoah!!! Sadly I do not doubt this at all. Kaitlyn was really fun and charming but there was something about her that made her seem very unavailable.

She also dated professional NHL athletes Boyd Gordon, 31, and Alexandre Bolduc, 29.

She will co-star as The Bachelorette with fan favorite Britt Nilsson.

Chris Soules’ season

Chris Soules talks about breaking up with Kaitlyn Bristowe

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  1. Seems like it is time for the Bachelor to end–it has run its course and now they only attract people who are interested in the publicity or a chance to get a job in Hollywood (model? actress? singer? dancer?) Even the farmer hired a manager and went to California to try his skill at dancing. Ever the producers have decided instead of looking for people who are looking for love –the viewers get to see all the drama queens, the cry babies, the wackos and even though they know how they behaved on the Farmer Chris’s season–they still want the gal who faked the panic attack and is threatening to either write a book to spill all the beans or to try looking for love on the Bachelor in Paradise show this summer. Harrison said that he would love to also have the pomagranite queen on that show; along with Ashley the Virgin who had those awful fake eyelashes and who cried every other scene; Katelyn was chosen this season because she has a potty mouth and is a free spirit willing to take off her clothes is she is in the mood. Only question we all have after seeing all the wacky girls they gave Farmer Chris to choose from–would Chris Harrison choose any of the wacky ones to date and become the step mother to his own kids?


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