Scheana Marie weighs in on season finale of Vanderpump Rules

Another season finale of Vanderpump Rules and another sexy photoshoot of frenemies and co-stars–this year they were not quite as naked. The crew went to the historic Pink Motel for the shoot.

Scheana was thrilled that both Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder were absent from the photoshoot and likely will be “absent” from next season.

Scheana Marie Shay said this in her Bravo blog:

“Another thing I was really excited about doing this photo shoot is that for the first time there was no Kristen and no Stassi.”

She also comments on how things ended with Tom Schwartz and Katie. Tom gets a 6 month warning to shape up and commit or else.

“I feel even more bad for Katie. I mean, I got sad just seeing that. I can’t imagine how she felt seeing her boyfriend tell a therapist, you know, he’s not ready for marriage. She just wants a commitment that’s more than a ring on a string.”

“Whenever I see Stassi enter a room, I kind of get this like cringe inside of me, because I don’t like her. I’ll just leave it at that.”

“And then on top of that she went to the bar and took shots with Kristen. Kristen. I mean, I don’t know what this girl is on these days, but I still don’t understand why she even bothered showing up.”—-um because she is an attention whore and she is milking her last few minutes of fame–I am guessing Stassi is about to realize she made a big mistake leaving SUR. I am not seeing a successful spin-off in her near future.

“I’m so proud of Katie, and I didn’t even realize how strong she came across until I watched this scene with her and Stassi.”

“I’m so proud of Katie for finally realizing she doesn’t need that in her life and for standing up for herself and for her relationship, and she didn’t owe Stassi an apology for anything.”

“You know Stassi runs out and everyone is saying their goodbyes to her, and I’m just like peace out, bitch. Won’t miss ya.”

So what does season 4 hold? Well I am guessing it does not hold Stassi. I don’t think they could easily work her into the script. We know they have signed a deal for season 4, It’s just a matter of who will star on the show.

Now that Scheana Marie is married will her life be entertaining enough? Now that Jax has alienated everyone who will he tell on next season? Vail Bloom was a bust because she won’t put out for anyone on the show. Tom and Ariana are just a little too happy and drama free without Kristen in the mix. I guess there is always Katie and Tom, but can that situation sustain an entire season? Lisa Vanderpump better get busy creating some situations. There is a lot of work to do if she wants season 4 to be as successful as seasons 1,2 or 3.

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