Why is Stassi Schroeder so angry with Jax Taylor?

Stassi Schroeder appeared on the season 3 reunion of Vanderpump Rules on Monday night. She played a relatively minor role this season since she no longer worked at SUR, but Bravo obviously was determined to find a role for her. So Stassi ironically played the voice of reason in addition to her usual sh!t-starting this season.

But her unresolved relationship with ex boyfriend Jax Taylor was not really addressed at all this season. We know Stassi can not stand Jax and even refused to meet with him, but the two finally spoke at the reunion (which seemed rather odd since they did not speak all season) and Stassi directed some rather cryptic messages to Jax about why she harbors so much resentment towards him.

Andy Cohen asked if Stassi and Jax had spoken at all. Stassi said no.

However Tom Sandoval interjected and asked Stassi if she called Jax to ask him for money and she said “yes”.

Jax said that he reached out to Stassi to see if she was “ok” and left her some emails—which seemed a bit odd considering the two broke up a long time ago. We also learned that Stassi called Jax and demanded money from him. Stassi claimed the money was for “punching holes in her wall” but I am not so sure I believe that.

Jax insists he has really tried to reach out to Stassi because he knows she is going through such a “tough time”.

Kristen interjects and says “how is that you know what she is going through, right now?”

Ok so WHAT is it that “Stassi is going through right now” that was caused by Jax and that is having a long term impact on her life? I am just putting two and two together here.

When Andy asks if Stassi thinks Jax doesn’t deserve “closure” because he cheated. Stassi proclaims that Jax did….

“A LOT more than cheated on me. We’re not talking about cheating, we’re talking about things that have affected my life in a very serious, deep way, and I will not give him the time of day.”

They also discussed the fact that her new boyfriend Patrick Meagher will not allow Stassi to see or speak with Jax.

UPDATE 12/15/2015: James Kennedy accuses Jax Taylor of having herpes.

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    She is disgusting and adds NOTHING to the show. Fire her and donate the money to homeless people in LA.


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