Chris Soules caught off-guard by Whitney Bischoff’s sister’s blessing refusal

Whitney Bischoff’s Hometown date was a bit awkward. For one she does not have parents. For another, Whitney’s older sister Kimberly did not give her blessing to Chris when Chris asked for her blessing to propose to Whitney.

We know that the 29-year-old Fertility Nurse is “all in” and 100% ready to drop everything and move to Arlington with Chris, and she was really upset when she learned that her sister was so hard on The Bachelor.

Chris Soules said in his People blog:

“I knew how strong Whitney’s feelings were for me, and it caught me off guard that her sister refused to give her blessing. I totally understood her position, because this was a weird situation: a) she isn’t Whitney’s parent, and b) I was dating three other women. I would have loved to have received her blessing, but it didn’t affect my feelings for Whitney.”

Whitney Bischoff is one of two remaining Bachelor contestants right now who hopes to get engaged to Bachelor Chris on Monday!

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Whitney Bischoff's Neil Lane engagement ring Source: ABC

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Chris Soules proposes to Whitney Bischoff!

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