Dorinda Medley on her husband Richard Medley’s death

Dorinda Medley joined the RHONYC this year although she actually has been friends with these girls for years. She had a rough few years since in 2011 her husband of 4 years Richard Medley passed away suddenly of a brief illness.

Dorinda claims that doing the show was like “rehabilitation” for her and helped her pick up the pieces after Richard’s tragic death. She opened up about his sudden death with OK! Magazine.

“I was saying the other day to everybody, when they were asking me about the experience: it was such a rehabilitation period for me because I think after Richard passed, you get a little frightened of life. You get a little insular, you’re disappointed, and I’m actually quite a social person and I forgot how to do it and it forced me, even though these girls kept calling, I would just be like, ‘I don’t feel like it.’ But this forced me to be with them again, talk about stuff, realize that I like being out and it’s ok that I’m out, it’s okay that I have a new life.”

Dorinda Medley & deceased husband Richard Medley
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” I’m not betraying anybody. Because there is a bit of it after someone passes, you feel guilty about laughing. You feel guilty about having a date. You feel guilty about wanting to do things. I was saying the other day, I went to a dinner the other day with all my new friends and I looked around and I thought, it’s so weird that three years on I’ve made so many new friends that Richard doesn’t even know it and it made me both happy and sad. He would love them, but I thought to myself, ‘Richard, I’ve come a long way. You would love all these new people in my life.’”

Dorinda is now dating businessman John Mahdessian who she met at a private club that her and her deceased husband belonged to.

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