Dorinda Medley on her husband Richard Medley’s death

Dorinda Medley joined the RHONYC this year although she actually has been friends with these girls for years. She had a rough few years since in 2011 her husband of 4 years Richard Medley passed away suddenly of a brief illness. Dorinda claims that doing the show was like “rehabilitation” for her and helped her pick … Read more

How did RHONYC Dorinda Medley meet boyfriend John Mahdessian?

Dorinda Medley is the latest woman to join the RHONYC franchise and she has quite a back-story including being married to former George Soros partner and chief economist for the US House Banking Committee, Richard Medley. The two met in 2005 when she was a real estate broker in NYC and was tasked with finding … Read more

Who is Dorinda Medley’s deceased husband Richard Medley?


Who is Dorinda Medley’s deceased husband Richard Medley? And how did he die? The Real Housewives of NYC run in some really impressive circles. Dorinda Medley joins season 7 as a friend of both LuAnn de Lesseps and Ramona Singer. Her biggest claim to fame is her association and marriage to Richard H. Medley. Medley was a … Read more