Where does Landon Clements’ family money come from?

Tonight the crew from Southern Charm heads to Jekyll Island where star Landon Clements claims she was brought up! The island is very very affluent. Tonight we see her family even has hired help aka this girl comes from serious money.

So I looked in to how her father Michael Clements made and makes his millions. And to my deep dismay Michael is a land developer! Nooooooo! Fighting land developers and preserving historic building and open space is what I do when I am not stalking D-List reality stars. It’s a big passion of mine. I am always deeply disappointed when I learn that one of these stars got rich developing land.

So I found this article where residents were fighting the development he was proposing in Georgia. He is trying to develop a small quaint neighborhood into condominiums

“Atlanta developer Mike Clements is asking for approval to change the zoning of 2.6 acres south of George Lotson Avenue to build 18 units like those in Captain’s Walk with access through that neighborhood. But residents along Lotson Avenue say the development would mean the sacrifice of trees that line a portion of the street and, worse still, could ultimately result in more traffic if the developer has to switch his entry point from inside Captain’s Walk to Lotson Avenue.”

Thomas Ravenlel also made millions in development…developing strip malls.

Michael who grew up on St. Simon’s island Georgia and has been developing there since the 1970s.

As far as what she got from her divorce:

Clements received $2,000 spousal support payment for one year, an $18,000 equalization payment, payment of her 2012 tax liabilities of $15,000, two Bank of America bank accounts, with total value of $672, and took over lease payments of a 2010 BMW 328i AND she agreed to waive any claim to the Maby Family Trust.

Damn! that is just about the worst divorce settlement I have ever heard of.

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  1. Landon is annoying AF. She is the most unattractive, whinny rude person on reality tv. Why is she on this show??? There is nothing interesting about her. She seems like an entitled brat who thinks the world owes her a living. Terrible “businesswoman” and so unprofessional. If I were in a reality tv show, I would make sure I at least brushed my hair and put a little makeup on!! She looks like she just rolled out of bed. I have to fast forward every time she is in a scene because she is so irritating.

    • Honest to whatever you want to swear honestly to, in exactly the way mermaids are a mix-up of fish and women, Landon MUST be a goat-woman ! Whith her long nose, constantly squinted shut eyes, and her form of communication which is an equal mix of spoken words and whinnies, she HAS to be !


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