Did Britt and Brady break-up?

Monday night on The Bachelorette we saw a 60 second update on Hollywood waitress Britt Nilsson and Christian singer, songwriter Brady Toops. But did Britt and Brady break-up?

Monday Britt took Brady home to Michigan to meet her family and it looked like they were still together except the part where Britt’s mom kept ominously calling Brady a “friend” and saying “he seems like a great friend”. I am guessing that’s because mom is not a good liar because according to Reality Steve they did in fact break up already.

“And finally, I can report to you that whatever ABC is showing in regards to the Britt/Brady relationship during their :60 credit roll at the end of the show is all BS.  They are done.  In fact, I’m hearing they broke up a while ago and are just keeping up this façade for TV.”

“A quick look at his social media you see that for a while he was posting all the time about her, but now hasn’t referenced her in about a week.  And Britt has barely mentioned him at all.  They are done and have been for a while.  I was told it ended pretty quickly after Kaitlyn’s season started airing, and possibly even before that. Like, remember those pictures I posted of them in Nashville with his brother and San Diego with his friends?  I was told they weren’t even together then and were just going along with the storyline.  Also told producers were even trying to get her to come down to Paradise, but she never did.”

Photo Source: ABC

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