JJ Lane’s messy divorce with his ex wife over cheating allegations

Tonight Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe has a two on one date with 30-year-old investment banker JJ Lane. But JJ reveals that he has a skeleton in his closet–a difficult divorce after he cheated on his ex wife Heather. He confessed to Kaitlyn that his cheating led to their divorce.

“I made a mistake that basically destroyed my life. I lost everything. I lost my wife, I lost my daughter half the time. Everything that I worked hard for [was] gone right with one bad, terrible decision.”

A new report from the National Enquirer reveals that Lane and his ex-wife were engaged in a bitter custody battle over their 3-year-old daughter Gemma.

Their divorce was finally finalized 2 years ago in July 2013 in Denver, Co.

The legal documents reveal that a judge declared the marriage “irretrievably broken,” and that his wife asked the court to restore her maiden name of Sands. And now we know why–JJ cheated.

The documents also show the two “resolved the parenting issues for the dissolution of marriage,” but “were not able to settle the financial issues.”

And that may be a big one for JJ because it looks like he is pretty wealthy. He started a very successful lawn care business when he was 13–that’s right 13. He also was an investment banker. So I suspect the financial portion is going to be a very messy situation.

BTW JJ and Tanner Tolbert are headed to Bachelor in Paradise!

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